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"Alex Klokus (Co-Founder and CEO of Futurism),
Beth Simone Noveck (US Deputy Chief Technology Officer, White House),
James Ramsey (architect), Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator in MoMA) discuss about future of cities building the connection between art and tech, how both sides need each other and what they can learn from each other."

Medium shot of stage with Alex Klokus introducing the panel, different shots of audience and stage, Paola Antonelli is interviewed, over-the-should-shot of audience, James Ramsey speaking to Alex Klokus, medium shot of Beth Simone Noveck talking, wide shot of stage, Paola Antonelli is interviewed, medium shot of audience listening, different shots of Beth Simone Noveck talking, wide shot of stage with Allianz logo and “#Explore with us” graphic, Paola Antonelli speaking to the audience, Beth Simone Noveck speaking at the panel, medium shot of audience giving applause.
Alex Klokus:
“Hello everybody. My objective today is to have you leaving here with one interesting thought, just something that you haven’t thought before around what the future of humanity is going to look like.”

Paola Antonelli:
“The present and the future become almost flavourless without the past. And in some cases there’s ancient wisdom that can be used for the situation at hand”.

James Ramsey:
“New York’s beauty and its richness actually lies in what a thick dense layer cake it is, and we have all these overlapping layers of history one on top of the other. So, building something like the Lowline, in a lot of ways it’s almost using a futuristic technology almost not as a sunlight device but as a time machine, some method where we can actually take this futuristic technology and use it as method of connecting to the past.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“But I think the past is very important here and I am glad that you pointed it out. Because in the same way there are physical layers, there are also these virtual layers of institutions that we can peal back and look to, to understand where we might go in the future.”

Paola Antonelli:
“The problem is that cities cannot be planned from the top down. Citizens are more powerful than any kind of regime.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“But it is the birth of open data and the technologies that now allow us to actually use that data, analyze it, importantly it is the policy that goes with it actually opening up the data and sharing it with people. It’s the technology that allows us to envision and to realize this kind of more participatory future and that is where in fact the same technologies that we are worried about can be brought to bare to actually help us do some of this to get all of us involved in conversations like this, where we might actually decide what the rules might be.”

Paola Antonelli:
“It is not one technology particular, it’s the ability of almost like jumping from one technology to the other. The idea of mobility insurance to me is so beautiful. Most of New Yorkers do not own cars. And now that city bikes are existing we really do move from one mean of transportation to the other so seamlessly. And I feel that once again it’s not one technology particular but it is the coming together of all the technologies and maybe the infrastructure of open data is the future of cities.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“So, if we look at where the data for example is coming from. It’s coming from insurance companies but I think the real question is how do we make sure that public values and public interests that’s driven through all those conversations regardless of who the actor is”.

“What we have seen is that cities have already begun to create laboratories exactly that, self-style labs to get people together to develop solutions for the problems. So that is really the exciting future to my mind is the places using competitions and challenges, creating labs, practicing open innovation doing it with young people most especially, that change in mindset and in skill set that we have first.”
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