Allianz Explorer NYC Reel



Beth Simone Noveck (US Deputy Chief Technology Officer, White House),
James Ramsey (architect), Alex Klokus (Co-Founder and CEO of Futurism),
Jean-Marc Pailhol (Head of Group Market Management and Distribution at Allianz SE), Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator in MoMA) discuss about future of cities building the connection between art and tech, how both sides need each other and what they can learn from each other:

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Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, 22 Steel Globe, Wall Street, Charging Bull, Oculus transportation hub, Times Square, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Central Park, High Line Park.

Beth Simone Noveck:
“What makes New York such a great place is the diversity, is the energy, is the intersection, it is the density of people from different backgrounds from different worlds, from different perspectives running into and colliding with one another everyday.”

James Ramsey:
“New York is actually a very interesting place to host the Allianz Explorer Micro Conference. I think there is the emerging sense that we can actually take charge of what we want the city to be and form the city into the city we want it to be.”

Alex Klokus:
“The Allianz Explorer Micro Conference is about the trends, that will shape the future of cities, from regulation, technology, art, design, architecture and everything above and beyond.”

James Ramsey:
“I think it is really important to talk about some of the issues shaping our cities and hopefully are able to spark new ideas.”

Jean-Marc Pailhol:
“Our role is to accompany this transformation, to enable the disruption, to enable the transformation and that is exactly what we have done. This process of understanding what will be the future and accompanying the people who are doing this.”

Paola Antonelli:
“The problem is that cities cannot be planned from the top down. Citizens are more powerful than any kind of regime.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“What we have seen is that cities have already begun to create laboratories exactly that, self-styled labs to get people together to develop solutions to the problems. So that is really the exciting future to my mind. That’s a change in mindset and in skill set that we have to have first.”

Alex Klokus:
“The key takeaway was the emphasis on collaboration and cooperation as it relates to what the future of cities looks like.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“The most exciting thing of course about tonight was the discovery of the Lowline project.“

James Ramsey:
“The Lowline is a wildly ambitious endeavour, one that relies on a completely new technology. In a lot of ways it’s almost using a futuristic technology almost not as a sun-light device but as a time machine.”

Beth Simone Noveck:
“We live in a city that has a hundred year old infrastructure and we have a lot to do that actually makes this place not only better for how we live today but importantly sustainable, how we are going to live tomorrow as our population grows.”
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