EDITED PACKAGE Allianz Explorer NYC Conference Intro



Alex Klokus (Co-Founder and CEO of Futurism),
Beth Simone Noveck(US Deputy Chief Technology Officer,White House),
James Ramsey(architect),
Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator in MoMA)

Alianz Explorer logo intro.

City shots of New York.
“How will we shape the future of our cities”?
Futuism Studio.

City shots
Gov Lab office.

City shots
Lowline studio.

City shots
Lowline footage / central park
City shots
Alex Klokus:

“My Name Is Alex Klokus, and I’m the CEO of Futurism.”
“Futurism is a digital media company that writes about breakthrough science and technology that will shape the future of humanity.”
“So a key characteristic of a futurist is somebody that does not assume basic
assumptions around society are correct and will last forever. I think everybody should be a futurist.”

Beth Simone Noveck:

“Hi my name is Beth Simon Noveck,”
I’m a professor at the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University, and
director of the Governance Lab.”
“The Governance Lab is what we like to think of as a do tank, we are a think tank and an action organization that works with governments on how to use technology to improve how they govern.“

James Ramsey

“Hi I’m James Ramsey,
I’m the creator of the Lowline and the owner of raadStuff, which is a design firm in New York City.”
“The idea of futuristic technology is one that I think we can use to apply to
conventional design and also we can use to change the way we can talk about
spaces and cities.”
“The Lowline is this idea that we can use a futuristic technology that we can
harvest sunlight, concentrate it, and then channel it down into an abandon trolley terminal under New York City, which we can then use to actually grow plants and turn a forgotten space into a next generation underground park.”

Alex Klokus:

“It’s important to talk about technologies that will shape what the future cities will look like, as well as the potential impact of newly developed cites.”

Beth Simone Noveck:

“As they say the future is now it’s just unevenly distributed.”

James Ramsey:

“Actually we have the power to transform the city it´s going to be and to live in the city we want to live in.“
“Right now in New York we have a very optimistic view of what design can
potentially do for our cities.”

Beth Simone Noveck:

“We live in a city that has a hundred year old infrastructure, and we have a lot to do to actually make this place, not only better for how to live today, but
importantly sustainable for how we’re going to live tomorrow as our population grows.”
“What I’m excited about tonight is that we’re bringing together designers,
architects, as well as the lawyers and the engineers, to really think about what it means to create the future in which we want to live.”
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