Interviews: Super Human Sports Design Challenge




26 Apr 2018


Paris, France

Interviews with CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers and winner of Super Human Sports Design challenge John Bukasa at the Allianz Explorer media event in Paris. Bukasa is a multi-awarded freelance designer. This project is a crowd-sourced design challenge posed to develop mobility devices to level the playing field for people of all abilities.
SOUND BITE 1 - CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers

“We are a company with big ideas and those big ideas are primarily on mobility and we think about designing big products like vehicles faster, better, smarter, and with consumer or users in mind from the beginning.”

SOUND BITE 2 - CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers

“We have built a company that has a listening arm which is our community and that is run by our Launch Forth subsidiary. Then we built an expression arm of the company which is called Local Motors which is capable of building those products in micro-factories all over the world.”

SOUND BITE 3 - CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers

“We’ve built a 200,000 persons community around the world who are the trendsetters for explorers.”

SOUND BITE 4 - CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers

“What we said is that we were looking for elevated mobility for the ground where we were thinking about something where a superhuman sports project could came out of it and you should use the mean of the hyper sports, or the sports where people are playing rugby or football or other things like that, because doing it, starting with the disability and becoming superhuman in what they’re doing.

“The winner in fact took his inspiration from wheelchair racing where he was impressed with the speed and the aggressiveness and other things like that that could come with it and that’s all and how we start a challenge.”

SOUND BITE 5 - Winner of Superhuman Challenge John Bukasa

“It doesn’t necessarily have to look like a wheelchair but at the same time it is a wheelchair - and for everybody actually.”

SOUND BITE 6 - Winner of Superhuman Challenge John Bukasa

“Part of it was off-road usage and track usage, so that brings the two worlds together and makes it an interesting device.”

SOUND BITE 7 - Winner of Superhuman Challenge John Bukasa

“The collaboration with Allianz has opened up so many avenues and that’s why I’m here today. You know it’s open so many avenues for inspiring designers, young designers who are trying to get into the field and they have brilliant ideas that they want to share with the world.”

SOUND BITE 8 - CEO and Co-founder of Local Motors John Rogers

“I like the way that Allianz has reached outside of its traditional roots and wants to be part of that digitally native environment. That’s core to our ethos. So it is a special partnership, because we are not talking about where we’re from, we’re talking about what tomorrow is going to look like.”
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