Allianz Global Explorer Program in Morocco (English)



Edited Package
"Nabil Hamdaoui, Emerging Business Factory“
So we’ve always had internet that we’ve used for entertainment values in the 90s and early 2000s and now it has evolved into how can we use the internet to better our way of earning a living.”Jean-Marc Pailhol, Allianz Head of Group market management and distribution:“All the big companies have to understand that to improve the current business is not enough. To transform the current business is not enough. When you talk about transformation I’m talking about digitalisation. We need to do more than that. We need to explore new ideas, new business models, new business sectors. To explore means to participate to that.”Florian Scheiblbrandner, Allianz Head of Global Brand Communication“So the Global Explorer Program is basically there to learn what is happening, actually. There is a lot of technology coming in terms of e-mobility, what we see with Formula E. There’s artificial intelligence. There’s mobility in terms of smart phones. And we are curious about this to understand what does it mean? How does it impact on people?”Manal Elattir, CEO, ASILA:“So I run a social enterprise called ASILA which basically partners with women artisans in Morocco to make sure, number 1, that they are able to unlock opportunities as women entrepreneurs and also be leaders within their community. So a lot of what we do involves market access, access to technology and getting them to also have an empowerment program.”Abid Khirani, Casky:“We have modelled this connected helmet for motorcycle. Casky as a connected helmet can provide information about traffic. It can provide security information, when driver turns left or right, when you have an accident it can notify family, friends or emergency for example.”Faical Said, Peps-Meca:“We just make from waste that is a problem for everyone, we can give it some value. We can make it - how do you say - bankable or saleable.”Ali Fahim, Pintail:”“We have issues but this is why I am optimistic. We are seeing our issues, our problems, our constraints and we are targeting to solve them.”Jean-Marc Pailhol, Allianz’s Head of Group market management and distribution:“It is easier for them (Moroccans) to do the jump between the current situation and the future than the major countries. They have less regulatory problems. They are less constrained. The decisions are faster and the populations are younger as well.”
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