Case study: empowering women



Edited Package
Manal Elattir, CEO, ASILA:“So I run a social enterprise called ASILA which basically partners with women artisans in Morocco to make sure, number 1, that they are able to unlock opportunities as women entrepreneurs and also be leaders within their community. So a lot of what we do involves market access, access to technology and getting them to also have an empowerment program.”Manal Elattir, CEO, ASILA:“The number 1 thing that women did when they received incoming is they buy a smart phone. Even in the most remote areas, rural areas. I think we’ve seen a lot of also, the access is no longer, it’s a norm. Everybody has access to technology which is really great to see now.”Manal Elattir, CEO, ASILA:“For women for instance they’ve always been told, hey you know, you’re probably going to raise kids and be home. But when they’re outside and they get to see other women that are doing something. When they get to meet other people they see different experiences and when they come back they can bring that back the local community and change their own communities. And I think that’s very important.”
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