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Per Håkansson, Managing Editor of Inside Blockchain
“So we’re here in Santiago with the Allianz Global Explorer program, who is sponsoring the Formu-la-E, and the focus of the explorer program is to understand and explore how disruptive technolo-gies are reshaping city life. And here in Santiago we’re exploring the blockchain.”

Per Håkansson, Managing Editor of Inside Blockchain
“Today we’ve been meeting up with a bunch of thought leaders within blockchain. It’s been very exciting to learn about how Santiago can be reimagined using blockchain.”

Guillermo Acuña, co-founder of
“We have to dream - dream big - and start implementing things, failing and realising that blockchain can change how we work.

Guillermo Acuña, co-founder of
“Why use blockchain? The thing is right now we’re only in Chile and we want to become a global company. And I think the only way to become a global company is to have technology that ena-bles you to be anywhere in the world.”

Guillermo Acuña, co-founder of
“Right now very few people are trying to do peer-to-peer lending on the blockchain. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and until someone does it - no one is going to answer those questions.”

Guillermo Acuña, co-founder of
“I think the Allianz Global Explorer program is very good because it gathers people to talk about new technologies, emerging technologies, that are going to change how we see the world.”

Gabriel Gurovich, Chilean entrepreneur
“The biggest potential for a city as Santiago—which has all of the difficulties that a big city has like traffic jams and pollution—will be to rely on something which is trusted and organised by the crowd in order to solve these issues which now are centralised.”

Marco Alarcón, Chief Blockchain Architect at the Santiago Stock Exchange
“I see blockchain as an enabler of new opportunities and new businesses.”

Marco Alarcón, Chief Blockchain Architect at the Santiago Stock Exchange
“I think it is a very good initiative that Allianz is exploring blockchain and other new technologies to know what the real potential these kinds of technologies have and to share that with everyone.”
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